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Mantenimientos Eléctricos y Solares, S.L. (MESOL, S.L.) was conceived from the need to provide a serious and effective for a preventive and corrective maintenance service for and solar farms built (fundamentally in the region of Castilla y León), whether fixed or with solar trackers with one or two shafts, in such a way that the life of the installations can be extended, thereby avoiding stoppages and breakdowns that may significantly and negatively impact the production of electrical energy.

Mantenimientos Eléctricos y Solares, S.L. (MESOL, S.L.) undertakes yearly monitoring of any installation, through the implementation of a protocol that defines the action to be taken at any given time of year in such a way that all operations performed are, in accordance with the dates selected, the most efficient and effective.

To this effect, our protocol applies unconditionally on the dates established, for the purposes of obtaining greater performance in the production of electrical energy from installations maintained, reviewed or supervised by this company.

In order to make this a reality, our activities on any solar park, as afore-mentioned either with solar trackers (specialists in assembly, maintenance and repair of solar trackers ADES) or using a fixed system, are based on the following points:

    • Remote supervision:
        • Daily monitoring of the installation.
    • Action on the land upon which the solar park is sited:
      • Completely clearing/weeding the land.
      • Treating the land with herbicides.

    • Action upon the photovoltaic solar panels themselves:
      • Cleaning of panel with purified water.
      • Tightening of terminals, screws and in general any connection on the installation itself.
      • Review of hot points.
      • Review of nominal panel strength

  • Action on C. T. and air power lines:
    • Yearly review of the transformer centres
    • Yearly review of air power lines B.T. and H.V.
    • Review every three years by competent entity (O.C.A.)

These operations required appropriate measures, with high availability, such as:

  • Reverse osmosis purifying facilities
  • Thermographic camera
  • I-V tracker
  • Specific tools and materials for high voltage and continuous current
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Lorry with cage
  • Weeding machines
  • Herbicide treatment system

This makes us more agile, with the ability to provide a rapid response to any incident and be much more effective and efficient, all with one sole purpose, to prevent electrical energy production in each solar park from falling below optimal production estimates.

Mantenimientos Eléctricos y Solares, S.L. (MESOL, S.L.) is also an electrical installation company that is certified (EIC), AENOR certified and supported by Ministry of Industry, and uses its knowledge and experience in the electrical field for installations in singular buildings, industrial buildings, developments, homes, etc., complying with current legislation, by ensuring all facilities, and our commitment and rigor requires it.