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Isolated photovoltaic solar installations

An isolated photovoltaic solar installation is an off-grid power generation system that provides the owner with energy from sunlight. Normally it requires the storage of the photovoltaic energy generated in solar accumulators -or batteries- and allows it to be used 24 hours a day.

These off-grid photovoltaic installations are ideal in regions where connection to the electrical grid is not possible or planned due to the high development costs of building line electrical systems, especially in remote rural areas.

The installation of an isolated photovoltaic system must be properly planned, studied and designed, taking into account, mainly, these five factors:

The necessary connection power.
Power consumption.
The type of consumption (direct current, alternating, single-phase, three-phase, etc.).
The period of use.
The location and the weather.
Off-grid photovoltaic applications:

Rural electrification: water pumping, irrigation, refrigeration chambers, etc.
Terrestrial signage: lighting, warning signs, traffic lights, etc.
Industrial applications: telecommunication towers, antennas, surveillance systems in oil and gas refineries.
Leisure activities: in mountain huts, garden houses, boats or caravans.